July 12, 2011


Vilkyskiu dairy's H1 sales increase



Vilkyskiu Pienine (Vilkyskiai Dairy), a technologically-advanced dairy producer in Lithuania, announced on Monday (Jul 11) the first-half of its total sales revenues experienced a 21% on year increase to LTL129.9 million (US$52.5 million).


Monthly sales for June jumped by 14% from a year ago to LTL23.6 million (US$9.5 million), it said.


Gintaras Bertasius, the company's CEO and majority shareholder, attributed the growth in first-half revenues to two factors.


"We managed to increase sales at the start of this year as well, especially in the first quarter. Product prices increased due to a rise in milk prices," he said.


Bertasius underlined that the company's sales in Lithuania were on the rise. "We have launched some new products and release some products in smaller packages," he said. Domestic sales generated 43% of the company's total revenues in the first half.


"We have a similar situation now," said Bertasius, adding that the company expected to maintain the current growth rate in the second half.


Sales for the 12 months to July rose by 36% on year to LTL267 million (US$108 million), the company said.


Bertasius held a 50.38% stake in Vilkyskiu Pienine at the end of last year.


The dairy producer is based in Vilkyskiai, in western Lithuania.

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