July 11, 2016

Aviagen: Top performance demonstrated at Ross seminar in Belarus  




More than 80 parent stock and broiler specialists attended the eighth annual Ross® Customer Seminar in Stankovo near Minsk in the Republic of Belarus on June 15-16.


The event was jointly organised by Aviagen and its grandparent customer PPR Broiler of OAO Agrocombinat Dzerzhinsky.


The Flock Awards and Ross 140 Club presentations were the event highlight. The winner of this year's best Broiler Flock Award was Agrocombinat Dzerzhinsky, with Ptitsefabrika Druzhba and Branch Skidelskaya Ptitsefabrika as runners-up. The Best Ross Parent Stock Flock Award for Belarus was presented to Vitebskaya Broilernaya Ptitsefabrika, the second place went to OAO Alexandriyskaya and the third place was shared by Ptotsefabrica Rassvet and Belarusneft Osobino.  


This year, three poultry operations from Belarus - Branch Skidelskaya Ptotsefabrica, and joint company Agrolink and Agrocombinat Dzerzhinsky - became members of the Ross 140 Club.


"We would like to extend our best wishes to Vitebskaya Broilernaya Ptitsefabrika as the winner of this year's Best Ross Parent Stock Flock award," Yuri Fesin, director of PPR Broiler, said. "We are also thrilled that another three Belarusian poultry farms became members of the Ross 140 Club. This accomplishment demonstrates that Belarusian poultry producers are as successful with the Ross breed as their European counterparts."


"We congratulate our Ross Parent Stock and Broiler Flock award winners on achieving such outstanding results, which are testament to the high potential of the Ross bird coupled with the top professional qualities of poultry producers in Belarus," Marcel Janssen, Aviagen's regional technical manager for Eastern Europe and the CIS, added.


For the first time, the seminar stretched over two days, which allowed Aviagen specialists to share Ross updates with attendees over a longer period and made proceedings more enjoyable for delegates coming from further afield. Topics were chosen to reflect the inputs received from attendees prior to the seminar. Janssen focused on genetic trends while Goran Slunjski, Aviagen LLC's technical service manager, covered key factors of Ross male management. Nutrition was also on the agenda including the latest Aviagen parent stock nutrition specifications.

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