July 11, 2011


Indonesia's Bali disputes the lifting of Australian cattle embargo



The Bali administration is not pleased with Australia's decision to lift the ban of cattle shipments to Indonesia, adding that it is worried about the harm it will bring to the local cattle farmers' businesses.


"Bali Governor Mangku Pastika will send a letter protesting the government's policy of importing cattle from Australia again," Bali Animal Farming Agency head I Putu Sumantra said on Sunday (Jul 10).


Putu said Bali objected to the policy because it would affect the price of cattle produced by local farmers. The prices rose to between IND22,000 (US$2.60) and IND23,000 (US$2.70) per kilogramme after the ban took effect. Before the ban, prices ranged from between IND16,000 (US$1.88) and IND17,000 (US$2) per kilogramme.


Putu made the statement after hearing a report that the central government planned to import 180,000 live cows from Australia in October, following Australia's decision to lift the ban, enacted last month after public outcry over a video that aired in Australia showing animals screaming and writhing as they were slaughtered.


He said there were currently about 14.4 million cows spread across Indonesia, enough to meet the country's needs.

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