July 11, 2011


Indonesia's meat stocks sufficient for Ramadhan, assures minister



Indonesia's Chief Economics Minister has assured reporters that the country has sufficient meat stocks to meet increased public demand during the upcoming fasting month of Ramadhan.


"Based on initial data from the National Statistics Agency (BPS) we have 14.5 million heads of cattle, which is more than estimated with regards to ensuring self-sufficiency," said Minister Hatta Rajasa, after a plenary cabinet meeting on Thursday (Jul 7).


The price of meat in the market is also stable at around IDR64,450 (US$7.56) per kilogramme, he said.


According to Rajasa, the demand for meat would increase for the post fasting holidays, from 35,333 tonnes a month to 55,000 tonnes, while present domestic production of meat is recorded at 26,342 tonnes a month, requiring imports to make up for the shortfall.


The volume of imports would decline in line with the government's self-sufficiency programs, he said.


BPS chief Rusman Heriawan said the results of their cattle census, which had covered 99.8% of the cattle in Indonesia, had increased the government's confidence in achieving meat self-sufficiency, and that 90% of demand could be met with local supplies.

Based on the initial census results, the number of cattle, buffaloes, and milk cows are at 14.5 million, 1.27 million, and 574,000 respectively, with a potential meat production total of around 16.3 million.


"Only around 50 villages have not yet been covered, although it does not mean that the data have not yet been collected. It is a mere internet service issue. I have predicted that some villages could not as yet be able to send information through an information system that we have built," Heriawan said.


Meanwhile, Rajasa said rice production, which was also discussed during the cabinet meeting, was increasing, but the government still needed to take anticipatory measures with regards to unpredictable climate change.


"We would not take a risk with regard to rice supply," he said.

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