July 11, 2011


Jordan to buy 100,000 tonnes each of wheat and barley



Jordan invited offers to buy 100,000 tonnes of wheat and reissued a tender for 100,000 tonnes of barley, the Ministry of Industry and Trade said.


The ministry will accept bids for wheat until July 20, Mohamad Malahmeh, head of the Ministry's tenders department, said. Receiving bids from suppliers of barley will close July 27.


"We are reissuing the tender for the 100,000 tonnes of barley because the prices offered were too high," he said. The original tenders were issued June 20 and closed July 7.


Jordan had bought 150,000 tonnes of wheat on July 7, including 50,000 tonnes from Russia at US$289.90 a tonne, said Malahmeh. The remaining quantity was bought at between US$289.90 a tonne and US$290.90 a tonne from other countries including the US, the European Union, Canada, Ukraine, and Argentina.

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