July 11, 2008


Philippine shrimp production to double in 5 years


Philippine agriculture officials are optimistic that the country's shrimp output can double in 5 years to 100,000 tonnes, to regain the status as the top shrimp exporter in the global market.


Jesus Emmanuel Paras, agriculture undersecretary, said the lifting of a ban on the import of Pacific white shrimp into the Philippines could result in the speedy recovery of the shrimp industry.


With the lifting of the ban, shrimp producers can embark on large-scale production of the Peneaus vannamei or Pacific white shrimp, Paras said.


As vannamei matures faster, it requires less production inputs and has strong resistance to diseases, he explained.


The current production was 30,000 tonnes of white shrimps and 24,000 tonnes of prawns a year.


Philippine shrimp producers expressed confidence that the country can be the second largest shrimp exporter, following China.


In the past, the Philippines ranked as the world's third-biggest shrimp producer, but slid to 10th place in 2003, overtaken by Mexico, Brazil, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

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