July 10, 2008


Aquaculture group hails FDA proposal to evaluate shrimp farm testing methods


The US FDA's decision to launch a pilot programme to test third-party certification of shrimp farms has been welcomed by the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA).


The GAA, the global standards setter for aquaculture seafood, called the programme an important step in promoting health and safety standards throughout the seafood supply chain.


The FDA pilot programme was announced at the first-ever Import Safety Summit in Washington, D.C. 


GAA Executive Director Wally Stevens, said GAA will submit its Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification programme for consideration as one of the pilots to be evaluated.


Stevens said it the GAA is excited that the Department of Health and Human Services has chosen aquaculture to test its new plans for third-party certification. 


Such partnerships would highlight the effectiveness of public-private cooperation on food safety issues, he added.


The BAP programme is based on an independent audit of shrimp hatcheries, farms, feed mills and processing plants on food safety, environmental integrity, social responsibility and animal welfare. It also incorporates full traceability of the final product ''from pond to plate.''

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