July 9, 2008


BioAgra's Agratism reduces mortality of E.coli-infected broilers

BioAgra LLC, a joint venture of Vyta Corp and Justin Holdings, has completed a study regarding the efficacy of Agratism on E.coli-infected broilers.

Agratism is a natural beta glucan immune system feed supplement and the study showed improved feed conversion and weight gain as well as reduced mortality when E.coli-infected broilers are fed with the product.


Birds fed with Agratism became 2.37-percent heavier than the control birds at 28 days, the day the birds challenged with E.coli. At the end of the trial at day 42, 14 days after infection, the birds were similarly 2.4 percent heavier.


Lesion scores for all treated birds were 24-48-percent lower than non-treated birds. E. coli related mortality was also much lower compared to the challenged control with 8.59 percent compared to 24.22 percent.

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