July 9, 2008


Thailand's shrimp producer to expand

Thailand's leading organic shrimp producer and exporter, Sureerath Farm, is set to expand production through building a new plant and forming a new entity with 14 shrimp farmers.


Sureerath would build a production plant on 1,500 rai of farmland. The plant would use about 4,000 tonnes of raw shrimp and produce about 3,000 tonnes of organic shrimp per year, according to founder Prayoon Hongrat.


The expansion in production would subsequently lead to higher shrimp sales in both the domestic and overseas markets.


To be able to increase sufficient supply for the strong demand in export markets, Sureerath Farm formed the Eastern Organic Prawn Alliance with 14 shrimp farmers in Chanthaburi to produce organic shrimp, Prayoon said.


Prayoon expects the new entity to triple organic shrimp production in Thailand over the next three years. The expansion would change Sureerath's status from a raw commodity seller to a processed food supplier under the brand SOP which Sureerath hopes to strengthen through the partnership with Swiss consulting company Blueyou.


Sureerath is expected to produce 200 tonnes of organic shrimp in 2008.


In addition, non-profit organisation Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GTZ) is helping Sureerath Farm to develop a sustainable business model to increase organic shrimp production.

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