July 9, 2008


Nigeria reports re-emergence of deadly cattle disease



Bovine Pleuropneumonia, a contagious cattle disease, is spreading in Nigeria as shortage of vaccines and other preventive measures fail to contain it. 


The Executive Director of the National Veterinary Research Institute, Dr. Lami Lombin, speaking at the opening ceremony of a five-day workshop on current molecular techniques in Nigeria, said the disease was a contagious trans-boundary animal disease that attacks the pleura and respiratory organs of cattle.


The Nigerian Tribune reported that according to her, the disease is capable of wiping out  "the cattle population in the country."


While the disease had been eradicated in many parts of the world, it was assuming an endemic proportion in Africa, particularly in Nigeria, she said.


Lombin said the disease had been difficult to eradicate in Africa because of the problems in slaughtering diseased cattle and the issue of compensation.


Vaccines available only provided a short term immunity and there was always the need for continuous vaccination, she added.

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