July 9, 2008


Germany's grain harvest expected to be up 14 percent


Germany's 2008 grain yields should rise 14 percent to 46.1 million tonnes from 40.5 million tonnes in 2007, according to preliminary estimates released Tuesday (July 8, 2008) by German farmers' association Deutscher Raiffeisenverband, or DRV.


DRV attributed the 2008 growth to a 7 percent increase in the area under cultivation as well as a 7 percent rise in the average yields after poor weather in the previous year.


However, the association pointed out that harvests would vary greatly across the country as the North and East had been rather dry while the weather was more favorable in the South and West.


Rapeseed harvest was down however. Harvests of rapeseed should be 5.1 million tonnes, down by around 4 percent from 5.3 million tonnes in 2007, DRV said.


In 2008, rapeseed acreage was 1.4 million hectares, down 8.4percent from the previous year. Yields were up 5 percent to 3.6 tonnes per hectare.

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