July 8, 2011


Russia's private pig breeding could be banned



There is a high possibility that Russian government will ban the breeding of pigs at private farms, which is about 40% of the total pig population.


Such a decision could lead to a significant increase in prices for pork, or cause the appearance on the market of the country a significant number of imported pork products.


The Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation is experiencing an issue regarding the radical measures on private farms engaged in breeding pigs. The main reason for the introduction of this ban is a worsening epidemic situation of veterinary-related African Swine Sever. The disease was recorded mostly on farms that are privately owned.


Ban on private breeding of pigs may be an effective measure to prevent the spread of the disease. Also, the Ministry of Agriculture is considering some other options such as the depopulation of the wild boar in the North Caucasus and Southern federal districts.

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