July 7, 2011


France increases imports of Aberdeen Angus



French beef breeders are waking up to the quality of UK beef breeds, importing nearly 100 Aberdeen Angus cattle from registered herds in England this summer, Eblex has announced.


Angus cattle have been imported to farms throughout the south-west and west of France, with demand for Angus bulls coming from Tours and Cognac, Toulouse and Rouen.


A major deal has been struck with a Blonde d'Aquitaine breeder based near Rouen, who has imported a total of 22 heifers, six cows with calf at foot and two bulls, while another continental beef breeder near Toulouse imported two Black Angus bulls, 10 heifers and 23 maiden heifers.


A further order from a Charolais breeder, based near Nogent le Rotrou in Northern France, for 10 heifers, five cows with calf at foot and one bull is scheduled to take place this summer.


Rémi Fourrier, Eblex export manager France, said: "It is encouraging to see that, with the support of Eblex and British Livestock Genetics (BLG), the Angus breed is making a start in France. This is particularly significant at a time when feed availability and price has become a real issue for herds of large cattle built with continental breeds. It clearly demonstrates the excellent breeding stock in England and the quality of beef being produced, which is being recognised in overseas markets."


In 2010, the UK exported 140,000 tonnes of beef to France. At the recent export conference in June, Eblex predicted economic forces and access to new markets would help drive strong export growth in the UK beef sector.

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