July 7, 2011


Brunei to establish chicken feed farm by 2013



Brunei Darussalam's first chicken feed farm will be completed by three local companies; Soon Lee, Hua Ho and QAF, by 2013.


The BND10 million (US$8.1 million) project was revealed on Tuesday (Jul 5) by Soon Lee Megamart Managing Director Ong Chek Teng.


"The project is scheduled to be completed in 18 months (by 2013). The five-hectare farm is located in the area of Muara Port and will be able to produce 1,000 tonnes of chicken feed per month, which is more than enough to fulfill the country's chicken feed needs," he added.


The technology at the farm will be run by Gold Coin, a famed company worldwide.


Meanwhile, with regards to other developments for Soon Lee, Ong said, "We are currently building a chicken slaughter house and also another chicken farm."


The slaughter house, scheduled for completion next year, will boast high-tech equipment and be able to slaughter 4,000 chickens per hour.


At an estimated cost of nearly BND10 million (US$8.1 million), he explained, the full capacity of the machine can go up to slaughtering 20,000 chicken per day.

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