July 7, 2008
HQSM alters farmed tilapia taste with artificial flavouring chemicals

HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries (HQSM) is using artificial flavouring chemicals to make its farmed tilapia taste like wild-caught Pollock.


HQSM signed a joint development agreement with the Beijing division of Newly Weds Foods Inc. to market the sea-flavoured tilapia, which is processed to give it the texture and taste of wild-caught Alaska Pollock, a northern Pacific white fish.


The fast food industry is one of the major fish buyers in the US but it preferred wild catch as it tastes better. HQSM is now targeting the food industry with its "TiLoveYa" tilapia brand and the company is currently in talks with a number of fast-food chains regarding distribution deals.


HQSM is marketing the artificially flavoured tilapia as an environmentally friendly alternative to other farmed or wild-caught fish - the company's tilapia are raised in ponds without prophylactics or antibiotics. As tilapia are herbivores that feeds on algae, they do not have to be fed with wild-caught fish and are therefore less exposed to sea pollutants such as PCBs.

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