July 6, 2022


Philippines to maintain imports of pork and chicken


Philippines President Marcos Jr said the government will maintain imports of pork and chicken into the country because there is scarce supply, but he hopes to boost domestic output of both meats, Malaya Business Insight reported.


Marcos, who is also the agriculture secretary, cited the recent African swine fever outbreak and lack of livestock feed for the poultry sector.


While the short-term plan is to increase the production of rice and corn in the last two quarters of the year, he said that one of his long-term plans is to achieve food sufficiency by increasing agricultural production and improving the value food chain.


He said that imports could be decreased if production, particularly of rice and corn, increased sufficiently. In addition to being a food source, corn is also used to feed animals.


Marcos said an approaching food crisis that would occur "in the next two quarters." He also discussed the significance of food security, stating that recent events like Russia's invasion of Ukraine demonstrated that nations that heavily rely on food importation face the biggest challenges.


Marcos said that the country could only exert a limited amount of control over the factors influencing the rise in commodity prices. He said that rising prices were beyond their control.


-      Malaya Business Insight

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