July 6, 2021


Phillippines allows poultry imports from Lethebridge, Victoria, Australia



The Philippines has ended a ban on imports of poultry products from Lethebridge in the Australian state of Victoria, said the Philippines' Department of Agriculture (DA).


Agriculture Secretary William D. Dar signed Memorandum Order No. 40 on July 2 which permitted the entry of such imports after a DA analysis indicated a negligible risk of contamination.


"(I) hereby lift the temporary ban on the importation of domestic and wild birds and their products including poultry meat, day old chicks, eggs and semen originating from Lethebridge, Victoria, Australia," Dar said in the memorandum order.


He added that the ban was lifted after the World Organisation for Animal Health declared that Lethebridge was free from highly pathogenic avian influenza or bird flu.


The DA issued Memorandum Order No. 59 on November 6, allowing imports of poultry products from the rest of Australia.


However, Lethebridge products remained banned due to reports that H7N7 bird flu was still present in the area.


Meat Importers and Traders Association president Jesus C. Cham said that the memorandum order will have a "very small" effect on the overall supply situation, particularly in the mechanically deboned meat (MDM) segment.


MDM is used by processors in low-priced canned goods and other products such as hotdogs and chicken nuggets.


"The country, particularly the DA, needs to institute zonal bans instead and also accredit new sources. Examples of those new sources include Poland, Hungary and Turkey," Cham said.


- Business World