July 6, 2021

Fire broke out at Cherkizovo subsidiary's chicken products factory in Siberia, Russia


A fire broke out at Cherkizovo's Altaisky Broiler factory in Siberia, Russia, on July 3, the company said.

The flame did not spread to the facility's production equipment. None of Altaisky Broiler's employees have been hurt. The temporary shutdown of the factory will not have any significant impact on Cherkizovo Group's operating and financial results, the company said.

The factory accounts for 8.5% of the chicken meat produced by Cherkizovo and about 5% of its revenue.

The fire damaged a warehouse with containers and packaging, a finished products warehouse and other facilities. The administrative building and the main production equipment at Altaisky Broiler were not seriously affected. The facility's bird houses are located at a sufficient distance from the production sites, and were not threatened by the fire.

The cause of the fire is currently being investigated.

Given the factory's social significance for the Altai Territory, Cherkizovo Group will attempt to relaunch the facility as soon as possible.

The group had previously unveiled plans to invest in expanding the factory's capacity over the next few years. These plans are still in place and Cherkizovo intends to expedite their implementation.

Altaisky Broiler is one of the leading players in the Siberian poultry market.

In 2018, Cherkizovo Group acquired the company to expand into the Siberian Federal District market. The factory produces a wide range of chicken products under the Petelinka and Altaisky Broiler brands.

- Cherkizovo