July 6, 2020


Greenpeace slams escape of antibiotic-treated salmon in Los Lagos, Chile



Greenpeace has slammed the recent escape of salmon treated with antibiotics at a Salmones Blumar S.A. farm in the Los Lagos region, Chile.


"...within a week of this leak, which is the largest in the decade, Sernapesca finds less than 1% of the escaped salmon. This speaks for itself, (that) this disaster is the drop that overflows the glass of negligence in this industry, " said Greenpeace spokesman Mauricio Ceballos.


Greenpeace will be taking legal action and the effort will be part of a sanctioning process initiated by the SMA that is representing local organisations. The process seeks to provide information so that Salmones Blumar is sanctioned with the maximum rigour that the law, which is the loss of the RCA, contemplates.


"...the period of 30 days that Sernapesca has to control the capture of 10% of the salmon… is what the law requires to presume environmental damage. We have been six days and they have only found less than 1%," added Ceballos.


8,476 of Salmones Blumar's fish have been recaptured, said Sernapesca on July 1.


- El Mostrador / FIS