July 6, 2020


Two more Brazilian meat plants suspended from export to China


China's General Administration of Customs has banned meat imports from two pork plants owned by BRF and JBS following the suspension of four other meat plants from export to China, Reuters reported.


The plants that have been suspended from export to China are a BRF plant in Lajeado and a JBS-owned Seara brand plant in Tres Passos, both in Rio Grande do Sul state.


No reason was given for the suspension, however Brazil is correctly facing the world's second worst COVID-19 pandemic.


China is the biggest purchaser of pork, beef and chicken from Brazil. The country had recently requested that global exporters to China declare that their products are free from COVID-19. Brazilian meatpackers, including BRF and JBS have done so.


BRF said it is working with authorities in Brazil and China to resume exports as soon as possible.


JBS said it would not comment on China's customs authority's decision and reiterated its actions to protect its workers and maintain its high food quality.


Brazil's Agriculture Ministry said it will only provide a comment after receiving an official message from China regarding the matter.


-      Reuters