July 6, 2018

CPF pioneers Best Small Farm project in Philippines



Charoen Pokphand Food PCL has pioneered the Best Small Farm (BSF) project in the Philippines to help Filipino white shrimp (vannamei) growers achieve high productivity while keeping costs low and ensuring food safety, the Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) reports.

The BSF's main objective is to improve biosecurity in the shrimp farm and reduce the risk of disease contamination, which is the main threat in growing shrimp.

Eliminating the risk factors of diseases, according to CPF, involves the 3C concept (clean fry, clean water and clean pond bottom), which helps ensure the successful farming of shrimp.

Under the BSF project, the standard size of the pond is reduced from the usual one hectare to just 0.16-0.25 hectares as the smaller size makes it easier to manage the farm and keep potentially deadly diseases at bay. At the same time, harvesting and pond preparation become more efficient, leading to a higher pond crop turnover.

CPF has put up a Best Small Farm pond demo in the CPF Farm in Zambales province. This pond demo has harvested 8,500 kilos of shrimp from just 1,600 square meters. This gives the pond a productivity of 53 tonnes per hectare with a feed conversion ratio (FCR) of 1.30.

CPF Philippines has been producing shrimp feed at its factory in Samal, Bataan, since 2013.