July 6, 2015


German-owned EcoNiva now Russia's biggest milk producer



German-owned agriculture holding company EcoNiva raised its milk output almost 30% in 2014 to become Russia's top milk producer, Vedomosti news reported.


EcoNiva, owned by German businessman Stefan Duerr, increased milk production 28% last year to 153,700 tonnes.


This increase allowed EcoNiva to surpass the previous market leader Krasny Vostok Agro, an agricultural holding owned by State Duma deputy Ayrat Khairullin. Krasny Vostok produced 140,920 tonnes of milk last year.


With project financing from the Russian government for the expansion of its dairy farming business, EcoNiva boosted its output even as foreign competitors were forced off the market by Russia's ban last year on Western food imports. Russia last month extended the import ban for another year.

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