Feed Bussiness Worldwide: July 2015
Beans, meat and railway tracks
by Eric J. BROOKS
Although it has long been touted as feed and livestock’s production frontier, South America’s agribusiness ascendancy owes everything to rising Chinese and Southeast Asian meat consumption.
Now, a constellation of circumstances, both economic and political, are profoundly deepening the supply chain links between the most feed-rich continent and the world’s most meat-hungry consumers.
Asean is collectively taking its place alongside China as a market-bending price setter, soymeal is gaining importance relative to raw beans, and meat exports are gaining importance relative feed crops.
Despite the way it has disappointed meat exporters, Russia is also making clear that it prefers its meat imports to come from Latin America.
Most importantly, by committing capital and equity into South America’s agribusiness infrastructure, China is signaling a permanent change in the way its feed and meat is sourced –
and setting an example that its Asean neighbours could soon replicate in other parts of Latin America.
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