July 6, 2011


Biomass establishes organic dairy products factory



The first organic dairy products factory in Lebanon that produces a range of local and EU-certified organic dairy products has been launched by Biomass Organic Products.


Biomass is a leading grower and provider of organically certified products in Lebanon. The family business started by Joseph Massoud in a farm located in Jrebta (Batroun) in 2007, and has grown over the past four years by continuously introducing new kinds of organic fruits, vegetables, eggs, plants and plant-based beverages and extracts, seeds and seedlings and, as of July 2011, dairy products. All Biomass products are certified according to the European Regulation for Organic Farming by the Italian Certification Body (IMC).


Organic food is produced without any use of synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilisers, hormones, antibiotics. Organic products are free of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) and chemical additives. They have shown to have a higher level of nutritive elements, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, are richer in essential fatty acids and have a substantially lower level of pesticides and chemical residues.

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