July 6, 2011

Gold Coin acquires shrimp genetics company SyAqua

Press Release


Animal nutrition and feedmilling group Gold Coin has announced that their full acquisition since April 26 of shrimp genetics and biotechnology company SyAqua.


Dr Thomas Gitterle, previously Head of the Genetic and Breeding Department at CENIACUA (Colombia) and Scientific Advisor to AKVAFORSK Genetic Center (Norway), is the new Technical Director of SyAqua in charge of genetic improvement and development.


Dr Gitterle will also oversee a number of research initiatives and activities, including a Nutrigenomics project in Singapore and a research programme in Indonesia for IMNV.


Tycho Vos, the newly appointed managing director to the SyAqua Group, said, "In the last 10 years, SyAqua has developed a unique and strong genetics and breeding programme, targeting improvements in growth performance, robustness, and resistance to diseases."


"The key objective of this strategic acquisition is to offer an alternative to Asian shrimp farmers, combining technical and commercial synergies between nutrition and genetics to enhance shrimp production performances, and therefore farmers' profitability," said JC Filippi, CEO of Gold Coin.


SyAqua's main Asian Genetic Nuclei units are located in Thailand and Singapore. SyAqua operates commercial hatcheries producing post larvae and Nauplii in Thailand and Indonesia, and exports commercial broodstock in the region.


Gold Coin is a pioneer in animal and shrimp nutrition, building its first aquaculture mill in Malaysia in the early 1990s. Gold Coin specialises in livestock and aquaculture feed, with a presence in eight Asian countries.

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