July 5, 2022

China Methionine: Substantial price falls (week ended Jul 4, 2022)

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Ample availability, coupled with low consumption, dragged down  methionine prices.


Transacted price of locally produced dl-methionine in China dropped to the range of RMB17.90-19.90/kg, whereas those of imported products slid to RMB19.50/kg.


Methionine hydroxy analogue prices fell to the range of RMB14.30-16.50/kg.


Export prices of dl-methionine decreased to US$2.68/kg.


Slack sales will continue to weigh down methionine e prices. Producers will continue to negotiate prices to clear stocks.


Full version of the report is available at: https://spoutinfo.com/market-forecast-detail/29/32/327/4224


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