July 5, 2021


Tests of biological products begins at Cherkizovo's fields



Cherkizovo Group has embarked the testing of biological products for agricultural applications, the company announced last month.


The tests run as part of the Innagro project initiated by Innopraktika, a non-governmental development institution.


As part of the project, Cherkizovo experts and Innopraktika are examining the effectiveness of biological control agents and probiotics developed in Russian laboratories. Innagro aims to support biologically enhanced agriculture and the use of Russian innovations.


Biological control agents will be trialed at Cherkizovo Group's rapeseed and soybean fields in the Lipetsk and Orel regions. The products are expected to protect crops from diseases, stimulate growth and improve plant immunity. The tests carried out by Innopraktika in 2020 showed that protection agents significantly increase grain yield, reduce the load on the agrobiocenosis (crops and the group of plants, microorganisms and animals associated with them) and eliminate the need for additional pesticides.


At the same time, poultry farming experiments are underway at Cherkizovo sites in Russia's Bryansk Region to investigate the impact of an innovative food supplement on broilers' health and weight gain. All drugs have been registered and certified in accordance with Russian laws. The results will be announced in the fall of 2021.


"Cherkizovo Group's involvement in the Innagro project is governed by a cooperation agreement and a roadmap approved by our companies at this year's St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The tests will help us study and harness advanced Russian biotechnologies to improve product quality and increase our share of export markets in the long run," said Rustam Khafizov, head of Cherkizovo Group's Innovative Analysis Center.


"Today, intensive and super-intensive farming see the advance of new biological methods instrumental in reducing the burden on the environment and boosting soil fertility. On top of that, companies receive additional economic benefits from products with high added value," said Vladimir Avdeenko, head of agro- and biotechnology development at Innopraktika.


Cherkizovo Group and Innopraktika signed a cooperation agreement in December 2020, providing for collaboration in several key areas, which include building infrastructure to bring advanced technologies to the Russian agricultural sector and develop educational programmes designed to nurture agricultural talent.


- Cherkizovo