FEED Business Worldwide - July 2012
August 15 - 16, 2012
The Aquaculture Roundtable Series 2012


The Aquaculture Roundtable Series will be held from August 15 to August 16 at the JW Marriot Phuket Resort and Spa in Phuket, Thailand. 
Building on the success of the 2011 aquaculture roundtable, this year's theme is "Shrimp Aquaculture - Shaping the Value Chain."  Shrimp aquaculture has crossed the threshold to become an industrial business with a value chain starting from breeding and genetic selection, hatchery; farming and health management; feeds and feeding; and processing to marketing and branding. However, this value chain suffers from challenges within each of its segments to the integration of all these segments.
The global nature of shrimp trade has also meant that economic uncertainties and vulnerabilities emerge at the complex intersection of changing market conditions, such as food safety and quality standards, and the threat of disease incidences.
As one of the industry's foremost opinion-leading events, TARS 2012 aims to take a holistic approach to tackle these challenges. The meeting presents a neutral forum for multiple stakeholders to come together, and through shared knowledge and expertise, provide substantial input to improve and ensure the sustainability of shrimp production in Asia.
Topics that will be discussed include disease threats, biosecurity, pond management, the relative advantages of extruded feeds, probiotics, biofloc technology and extra nutritional additives. With a case study highlighting Thailand's shrimp farming's development industry followed by a lecture on changing European market preferences; shrimp farming's supply and demand issues are given equal attention. Encompassing everything from shrimp nutrition to branding and certification, this year's aquaculture roundtable will address issues encompassing the entire supply chain.


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