July 5, 2011


Azerbaijan forecasts increased grain productivity



An increase is expected in grain productivity by more than three quintals per hectare in Azerbaijan in 2011, Deputy Agriculture Minister Bahram Aliyev told journalists on Monday (Jul 4).


"Today, the average grain productivity in Azerbaijan is 23 quintal per hectare, a growth is also expected," Aliyev said.


In 2010, 20.7 quintals of grain have been harvested from per hectare on average.


Azerbaijan is expected to produce 2.5 million tonnes of grain in Azerbaijan, which is 500,000 tonnes more than last year, Agriculture Minister Ismet Abasov said.


"We forecast production of 2.5 million tonnes of grain in presence of favorable weather conditions, 1.7 million of which will account for food grain," he said.


It planned to produce 800,000 tonnes of barley in 2011.


Last year the country harvested more than 2.000 million tonnes of grain, which is 33% less than in 2009. Some 20.7 quintals of grain were harvested from each hectare of land on average.


Abasov said today the country's demand in grain crops is 3-3.2 million tonnes.

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