July 5, 2011


Pakistani city's chicken prices surge amid shortage



The price of chicken meat in Faisalabad has risen to at least PKR50-60/kg (US$0.58-0.70) due to limited supply of broilers in the city.


Market research revealed that at least 250,000 broilers were being supplied to the city on a daily basis; a number which had reduced by 125,000, resulting in a substantial decrease in chicken meat.


Within a week, chicken meat prices have soared to PKR200-220 (US$ 2.33-2.56) per kilogramme, which was previously available at PKR150/kg (US$1.75). According to market sources, prices will continue to witness an upward trend.


During extremely hot weather conditions, they said, the life expectancy of broilers decreases remarkably. This in turn, results in huge losses to poultry farmers and they are faced with no other option, but to shut down their sheds.


Sources dealing with livestock and poultry also said that due to the summer season, and hot weather conditions, approximately 150 poultry sheds had been shut down by their owners. In addition, 1,700 open sheds had been shut down.


Sources claimed that there will be signs of normality in the market by August 15; however, prior to that, prices of poultry meat will remain high.

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