July 4, 2022


Methane-reduced beef now for sale at grocery stores in Sweden


Swedish grocery chain Coop is introducing methane-reduced beef, the first in the world and only available in Sweden, which was co-produced with Swedish startup Volta Greentech that grows seaweed, Geo News reported.


The cows are fed red seaweed, a supplement that reduces farting and burping. This means the new meat has a significantly lower methane footprint than typical beef products.


Methane-reduced ground beef, sirloin steak, and beef fillets are available in a few stores in Sweden, according to Fast Company.


Fredrik Kerman, co-founder and CEO of Volta Greentech, said this is the first time that low-methane beef is being sold to consumers.


Other companies and chains all over the world intend to start testing seaweed for their goods. Ben & Jerry's, a well-known ice cream company, Arla Foods, a major European company, and Burger King are a few examples.


-      Geo News

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