July 4, 2011


ZK Pelagonija intends to construct dairy, improve pig farm



ZK Pelagonija Bitola, a farming company based in Macedonia, said on Friday (Jul 1) it has assigned MKD500,000 (US$11,762) for feasibility research on the establishment of a milk processing plant and an upgrade of its pig farm.


Each feasibility study will cost MKD250,000 (US$5,881), ZK Pelagonija Bitola said.


ZK Pelagonija Bitola's milk processing plant will be located in the Zabeni industrial zone, near the southwestern city of Bitola.


Further details were not provided.


The shares of ZK Pelagonija Bitola were trading flat at MKD2,300 (US$54.11) by 1100 GMT on Friday.

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