July 4, 2011


China says it makes positive contribution to global food security


China is playing a positive role in improving the agricultural production and food production capacity of developing countries and has made significant contributions to global food security, said Chinese Minister of Agriculture Han Changfu.


He made the statement during the 37th Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Conference of the United Nations, recently held at the FAO headquartres in Rome, Italy.


Han also expressed hope that the international community could work together to cope with the challenges brought by the deterioration of global food security.


The Chinese government has attached great importance and made great achievements in the development of agriculture and rural construction to benefit farmers.


Han said that the development of China's food and agricultural production is very stable. China fed nearly 21% of the global population with only less than 9% of the world's arable land. Therefore, China has made significant contributions to global food security.


China suffered severe droughts and floods in 2011, which aroused the international community's concerns about China's grain production. Han stressed that China received a summer grain harvest this year and the summer wheat yield is expected to achieve an increase for eight consecutive years. Meanwhile, China's autumn harvest also has a relatively good foundation.


Currently, China has sufficient grain stocks and adequate market supply, and the grain prices are generally stable, Han said, adding that China has not only ensured its own grain supply but also made contributions to the global food security.


China has actively conducted international agricultural cooperation and exchanges, and provided considerable agricultural assistance to relevant developing countries within the framework of South-South cooperation, Han said. In addition, it has played an active role in helping other developing countries increase their agricultural production efficiency and capacity.


China has built more then 20 agricultural technology demonstration centres in Asia, Africa, Latin America and other regions, and dispatched more than 1,100 agricultural experts and technicians to other developing countries to help them train agricultural talent. Han said that China will further strengthen agricultural cooperation with other developing countries.


Global food prices have risen sharply since last year, leading to social unrest in certain countries. Since the rising food prices have become more than just an economic issue, Han called for the international community to strengthen cooperation, to increase agricultural investments, to enhance the wide application of advanced agricultural technology, to help developing countries achieve food self-sufficiency, to improve the agricultural trade environment, and to ensure global food security.

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