July 3, 2020


EW Nutrition hosts webinar on necrotic enteritis



Join this layer-focused webinar in the Quality Egg Series hosted by Ajay Bhoyar, Global Technical Manager, Poultry for EW Nutrition USA about mitigating the occurrence of necrotic enteritis in layer farms.


The webinar, to be presented on July 7, 2020 at 11 AM (GMT +8, Singapore time) will focus on necrotic enteritis, one of the most prevalent problems in layer farms especially during the stressful period from point of laying to peak of production.


Webinar attendees will be able to understand further about clostridium and how a holistic suite of solutions can help to achieve sustainable production.


Ajay Bhoyar will be joined by panelists Suksant Chanprasert and Kremlin Ampode from global animal nutrition company EW Nutrition.


This is the final webinar in the Quality Egg Series, where global experts Hy-Line, Vaxxinova, H&N, LTZ, University of Alberta, and Chiangmai University spoke on topics such as vaccination, layer nutrition, animal health, biosecurity and management.


The Quality Egg Series is part of EW Nutrition’s Partners in Progress – Connect science-based webinar series, which aims to keep attendees updated of the current trends and challenges in the industry and enables the exchange of knowledge, experience, and innovative ideas. The webinar series features global and regional experts from companies in the EW Group sharing the most viable solutions to the challenges of animal production – and provide a holistic suite of solutions to meet those needs.


Register for the Necrotic Enteritis: A Hidden Cause of Economic Losses in Layers webinar at https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_7Drv-nttQ6WprPWHK2BTZg. You can view past webinars in the Quality Egg Series and other EW Nutrition webinars at https://ew-nutrition.com/webinars.