July 3, 2013


New Zealand to cooperate with China on dairy trade



In a bid to promote agricultural trade, New Zealand's dairy industry sees high-end products as a way to establish itself in China's growing dairy market, New Zealand's primary industries minister, Nathan Guy, said.


During June 28 to July 7, Guy led a delegation to visit Beijing, Shanghai, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Anhui Province. The minister projected that Chinese people will consume 60 billion litres of milk annually by 2020, thus creating a "very important market" for New Zealand's dairy industry.

Guy said the opportunities for New Zealand dairy sector in China lie in high-value products. Meanwhile, a Chinese farm, under the charge of Fonterra, is able to supply an estimated 2% of the 60-billion-litre demand.


The minister considers the trip a valuable in seeking business opportunities for New Zealand's agricultural companies, especially those specialising in pasture and animal husbandry, and those involved in general agricultural services and the construction of dairy farms.

According to Guy,  New Zealand's dairy companies are looking to cooperate with Chinese dairy firms.
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