July 3, 2008


Danisco unveils benefits of E. Coli phytase


Danisco Animal Nutrition unveiled its heat stable E. Coli phytase at the World Poultry Congress in Brisbane, Australia.


The Congress, which runs from June 30- July 4 was held in conjunction withthe 6th Asian-Pacific Poultry Health Conference (AP6), the 4th International Ratite Science Symposium (4IRSS) and the 2008 Australian Poultry Information Exchange (PIX2008).


Dr Ceinwen Gilbert, Technical Services Manager, Danisco Animal Nutrition, presented on the the bioefficacy of two coated phytases for broilers fed corn/soymeal based diets.


The study concluded that the bacterial E. Coli phytase was more heat stable - E. Coli phytase recovery from the pelleted feed was on average 27 percent greater than P. Lycii phytase. The superior bioefficacy of the bacterial E. Coli phytase was attributed to both the higher heat stability and the ability of the phytase to better release phytate bound phosphorus in the feed.


Broilers fed bacterial E. Coli phytase also had higher bodyweight gain and numerically higher tibia ash than broilers fed the fungal P. Lycii phytase, meaning they have stronger legs to support their weight. 


Soren Dalsgaard, a senior scientist with Danisco, presented on how enzyme technology can be used to reduce certain anti-nutritional factors in distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS).


He reported that wheat DDGS increases gut viscosity in poultry, which reduces the nutrient digestibility and affects bird performance.


Adding xylanase reduced the viscosity and increased the feeding value of wheat DDGS, he said. Supplementing wheat DDGS with enzymes would allow producers to use DDGS in their poultry feeds to save costs without compromising bird performance.



Enzyme mixture

Dr Aaron Cowieson, senior scientist at Danisco Animal Nutrition, presented two papers on how feed enzymes can improve the feeding value of corn/soy based diets. Adding a xylanase, amylase and protease enzyme combination to a corn/soy based broiler diet improved the ileal digestibility of amino acids and metabolisable energy. The enzyme combination also improved broiler weight gain and feed conversion.

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