July 2, 2020


Managing director of shrimp company linked to Hendrix Genetics retires



Hendrix Genetics has announced that Dr. George Chamberlain, managing director of Kona Bay, will retire effective July 1, 2020.


Dr. Chamberlain has been leading the company successfully for over 20 years and he will transfer his remaining shareholding to Hendrix Genetics. He will continue his role as president of The Global Aquaculture Alliance.


Dr. Chamberlain's career in aquaculture started in 1990 when he joined Ralston Purina Company. With M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in aquaculture, he directed Purina's aquaculture feed programme in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.


After eight years, he moved to Monsanto, directing a programme on genetically selected marine shrimp, soy-based feed, and sustainable pond systems for marine shrimp. His days as an entrepreneur started in 1999, when Ken Morrison and Dr. Chamberlain developed Black Tiger Aquaculture, an integrated shrimp farm in Malaysia. In 2004, they established Integrated Aquaculture International, a technology company owning the Kona Bay L.vannamei breeding center in Kauai, Hawaii, the United States, and operating a P. monodon breeding center and farm in Brunei.


Over the last decade, Dr. Chamberlain and his management team have built Kona Bay shrimp genetics into one of the leading brands in SPF shrimp broodstock, supporting shrimp farmers in achieving better performance in major shrimp producing countries. Additionally, its food shrimp production under the Kauai Shrimp brand enjoys a reputation for premium quality in the Hawaiian and mainland US markets.


Hendrix Genetics acquired a majority shareholding in Kona Bay in 2017 as an entry point into shrimp breeding concentrating on the acceleration of the breeding programme, strengthening the sales and technical support teams in Asia, and establishing a nucleus breeding and PL hatchery operation in Ecuador in 2019.


The company is investing heavily to realise a world class L.vannamei shrimp breeding operation in Hawaii, selling high quality Kona Bay broodstock to all major markets globally. The shrimp operations of Hendrix Genetics are expected to grow with the Ecuador development being a precursor to similar expansion in major Asian markets.


With the retirement of Dr. Chamberlain, Hendrix Genetics will acquire the remaining management shares in Kona Bay and subsidiaries converting this to a 100 % ownership.


- Hendrix Genetics