July 2, 2012


Ukraine's pork production up 3.5% in May


Ukraine's fresh and chilled pork production have increased 3.5% in May 2012, compared to previous month, according to the National Statistics Committee.


Meanwhile in Spain, between January to March 2012, meat consumption rose by 2.3 per cent.


In a span of six months, Danish Crown has lowered prices by EUR6.3 million (US$7.9 million) through transference of work methods from one factory to another in the pork division. The efficiency measures are part of a large-scale streamlining plan, according to BPEX's Export Bulletin for week 25.


France appears to be currently witnessing little movement in the "spot" market. While some of the regions have sufficient supply to meet demands, others are having difficulty meeting requirements. Pig meat sales are down as a result of the unsettled weather, which continues to affect consumer confidence.


Meanwhile in Brazil, due to the poor report following veterinary inspection at the end of 2011, Brazilian exporters are thinking of giving up on exports to the EU.


China's fourteen government departments will collaborate in the drafting of new safety standards for a range of food, meat included. These standards are expected to be applicable by 2015 and will not mitigate consumers' concerns in the meantime.


Thai company and leader in meat production in Southeast Asia, Charoen Pokphand Foods, has announced an investment of GBP20 million (US$31.3 million) in three new pig farms for a total of 25,453 sows in central Luzon, Philippines.

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