July 2, 2008


US state of Wisconsin's hog inventory on the decline

Wisconsin's total hog inventory on June 1 reached 400,000 head, down 10,000 head on-year.


Overall inventory includes 355,000 market hogs and 45,000 breeding hogs, both of which were down 5,000 head on-year.


Wisconsin's March-May 2008 quarterly pig crop totalled 237,000 head, up 3 percent on-year and up 2 percent from the previous quarter.


Sows farrowing during the quarter totalled 26,000, the same level from last year and the previous quarter. Pigs per litter averaged 9.10, up 0.20 on-year.


In addition, total US inventory on June 1 reached 67.7 million head, up 6 percent on-year.

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