July 2, 2008


Indonesia's soy and corn output up on increased yields and acreage


Indonesia's corn and soy output are also expected to rise by 12 percent and 22.1 percent respectively this year due to an increase in harvested areas and improved yields, the central statistics bureau said Tuesday (July 1, 2008).


Corn production is expected to increase to 14.9 million tonnes, up 12 percent from 13.3 million tonnes last year, said Ali Rosidi, deputy for distribution at the bureau.


Harvested areas for corn now total 178,670 hectares, up 4.92 percent from last year, while yields are up at 2.4 tonnes per hectare, an increase of 6.56 percent, said Rosidi.


Soy output will see a jump to 723,540 tonnes this year, up from 592,530 tonnes last year.


Harvested areas for soy total 90,300 hectares, up 19.67 percent from last year, while yields are now 0.26 tonnes per hectare, an increase of 2.01 percent, said Rosidi.


Indonesia has been trying to increase its local food production to keep inflation down and prices of main staples like rice, corn and soys stable, amid soaring global prices of such commodities.

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