June 30, 2020


Norway's fresh salmon exports to China dropped 97%


Fresh salmon exports from Norway to China fell 97% last week to 15 tonnes due to the recent Beijing COVID-19 outbreak, Fish Information & Services reported.


Victoria Braathen, the Norwegian Seafood Council's Country Director in China said it is unclear what the effects of the recent Beijing COVID-19 outbreak will have on fresh salmon, even after Chinese authorities have confirmed that salmon was not the cause of the outbreak.


Norway has exported 9,958 tonnes of fresh salmon to China in 2020 so far, a 13% decrease year-on-year.


Norway's fresh salmon exports to Asia dropped 38% last week, while exports to the European Union fell 1% compared to the same week last year.


The average export price for fresh whole salmon last week was NOK 61.90 per kg, a 5% drop compared to the same week in 2019. To the EU, prices were EUR 5.65 per kg, 13% lower compared to last week.


Paul Aandahl, Seafood Analyst at the Norwegian Seafood Council said when salmon prices fall, higher volumes will be shipped to Poland and Lithuania as they are processing markets. He said last week's fresh whole salmon exports to Poland and Lithuania was up 24% and 5% respectively.


-      Fish Information & Services

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