July 1, 2019


Swine fever to undercut Vietnam's pork supply with 500,000-tonne shortage


African swine fever could curtail Vietnam's pork supply with a 500,000-tonne shortfall, or close to 20% of demand, in the period leading to the Lunar New Year in early 2020, according to global research firm Ipsos Business Consulting.


In its assessment on Vietnam's swine market supply and demand from July to early 2020, the company said that the drop in supply was much lower, increasing the likelihood that supply may not be able to meet demand.

African swine fever, which had already struck most of Vietnam's provinces and cities as of June 24, caused the culling more than 2.6 million pigs. As a result, the number of sows had plunged by 30% from a year ago.

Due to local consumers' concerns over consuming domestically produced pork, the demand for imported pork had increased, with pork coming from the US, Canada, Spain, Germany, Poland and France skyrocketing in the past four months.

In addition, the demand for chicken and beef has also increased as consumers seek other meats.


- Viet Nam News