July 1, 2016


Kemin's chromium product gains FDA approval for use in broiler diets




On June 3, 2016, the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) Center for Veterinary Medicine has approved the use of Kemin's chromium propionate as a source of chromium in broiler diets.


Kemin is the only company with FDA approval to sell a supplemental source of chromium to the US broiler industry at this time.


Producers continue to face serious challenges associated with climate change. Different management strategies are being put in place to counteract the continued deterioration in animal production and welfare. Heat stress significantly reduces feed intake, thus directly impacting growth performance and profitability. Evidence suggests that insulin action is a key component of heat stress response.

The primary role of chromium in nutrient metabolism is to potentiate the action of insulin and improve glucose utilisation in animals. Glucose is critical as it is used for any needed metabolic function based on the animal's need - maintenance, reproduction, growth, muscle and fat deposition. Increased glucose uptake may improve thermal tolerance in heat-stressed animals.

Therefore, feeding strategies that may improve insulin activity may assist the animal's ability to cope.


Published research has also shown that supplemental chromium has been shown to decrease cortisol levels during times of stress, in addition to improving carcass yield, growth rate, egg production and energy utilisation. Supplemental chromium may mediate the effects of stress so the animal can use energy more efficiently.


Providing a supplemental chromium source such as KemTRACETM Chromium is one way to ensure that more nutrients are available in the animal for optimal nutritional benefits. KemTRACE Chromium is a safe, highly bioavailable and organic source of chromium that is a vital trace mineral to improve animal nutrition.

KemTRACE Chromium has been successfully part of swine (since 2000) and cattle diets (since 2009). More than a dozen peer reviewed journal publications support the use of KemTRACE Chromium.

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