July 1, 2016

Adisseo launches a new enzyme solution: Rovabio® Advance, the only feedase


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Thanks to its 10 years research program in bioengineering and animal nutrition, Adisseo has revolutionized feed digestibility with its new enzyme solution, Rovabio® Advance. It is a feedase that can improve the digestibility of all feed nutrients, including amino acids, phosphorus and calcium, regardless of the types of diet.


Arabinofuranosidases: the key debranching enzymes

Rovabio® Advance efficacy is explained by the unique presence of arabinofuranosidases (ABFs), a very important kind of debranching enzyme. These enzymes work synergistically with xylanases to efficiently break down complex fiber structures in plant cell walls. By removing hampering branches from these fibers, these enzymes allow the xylanases access to the backbone of the fiber chain, greatly boosting their efficacy. In addition, there are two newly expressed kinds of xylanases (XynC, XynG) in Rovabio® Advance, as well as an increased presence of XynB and XynD compared to the former product, Rovabio® Excel. This large range of xylanases in combination with ABFs explains the consistency of the results regardless of the feed composition.


An innovative approach in biotechnology

"The classic method to produce an enzyme is the random integration of the gene of interest in the strain. However this method allows production of only a single enzyme," explains Olivier Guais, PhD, Biochemistry Development Manager at Adisseo. "We had to think outside the box for the development of the most efficient combination of enzymes, Rovabio® Advance." Specific work on the regulation of the transcription of genes coding for enzymes of interest expression by the fungus, Talaromyces versatilis, was carried out. This led to an overproduction of the targeted key enzymes while keeping versatility thanks to the broad range of enzymes produced by this microorganism, such as beta-glucanases, cellulases, pectinases, mannanases, and several others.


A proven efficacy

Robust testings across a variety of diets show that Rovabio® Advance improves overall digestibility of organic matters by 3%, supported by a higher digestive retention of starch, protein, and fat. Nutrients accessibility to endogenous enzymes is improved, thanks to the degradation of the cell wall of vegetable raw materials. Whatever the types of diet (wheat- or corn-based diets) or energy levels of the diet, a consistent improvement of 3% AME, 3% dAA, and P and Ca availability have been proven. Many trials evaluating the performance and carcass parameters of broilers based on reformulated diets for a reduction in nutrient level confirmed that, with the addition of Rovabio® Advance, AME and dAA content in feed can be reduced by 3%, ensuring the same performance (FCR and BWG) compared with a positive control diet, as illustrated in the charts.

Thus, Rovabio® Advance is the only feedase, the perfect combination of enzymes, to improve the availability of all nutrients of the feed, regardless of the types of diet.


Unique benefits of Rovabio® Advance

Rovabio® Advance is now authorized in most parts of the world and is available in different forms (powder at 50g/MT of feed or liquid at 200 ml/MT of feed) to fit various feed mill applications. "Rovabio® Advance is a major innovation for the feed industry, leading to an unmatched reduction of costs and reduction of nutrient losses," said Frank Chmitelin, Vice-President of Global Sales and Marketing. With a potential to replace 3% of the AME and digestible amino acids, Adisseo offers the possibility to decrease feed costs by EUR12/MT of feed treated with Rovabio® Advance. In a feed mill producing 100,000 MT of broiler or turkey feed per year, Rovabio® Advance generates an extra margin of at least EUR300,000 per year compared to former generations of NSP enzymes.



About Adisseo

ADISSEO is one of the world's leading experts in animal feed additives. The Group relies on its 7 research and technology centers and its production facilities in Europe and China, to design, produce and market nutritional solutions for sustainable animal feed. With 1,800 employees, it serves more than 2,500 customers in over 100 countries through its global distribution network. ADISSEO is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and is one of the main subsidiaries of China National BLUESTAR, a leader in the Chinese chemical industry with nearly 25 employees and an annual turnover of EUR6.4 billion.



About Adisseo products and services

ADISSEO offers its customers 4 forms of an essential amino acid, methionine for poultry and swine (Rhodimet® AT88 and Rhodimet® NP99) and protected methionine for ruminants (Smartamine® and MetaSmart®), a complete range of vitamins (Microvit®), muti-activities enzymes (Rovabio®) and the specialties Selisseo® (organic selenium) and Alterion (probiotics). ADISSEO supports the development of its customers by providing valuable and innovative services such as Precise Nutrition Evaluation (PNE), a NIR service.


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