July 1, 2011


Romania's cattle, swine livestock drop 30% in eight years


Romania's swine and cattle livestock value dropped 34.8% and 30.9%, respectively over the past eight years as stated by the provisional results of the General Agricultural Census on Thursday (Jun 30).


Compared with the same census in 2002, the number of cattle dropped to 1.985 million and the swine to 5.387 million whereas poultry dropped to 78.867 million.


The number of agricultural holdings (farms) dropped 14% according to provisional data of the census in 2010 and the agricultural surface employed by farms was 4.5% smaller than data registered at the census in 2002.


In 2010, the amount of work performed within farms with no legal personality, measured in annual work units (AWU) was 1,608 38.2% smaller than that in 2002.


According to National Institute of Statistics (INS), the AWU represents the work performed by one person within an agricultural holding equal to eight hours over 245 working days a year.

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