July 1, 2008


Yemen and Japan to work on aquaculture project


The Yemen and Japanese governments have been discussing plans for a giant investment project for a new aquaculture and fisheries facility in Yemen.


The Yemen fisheries minister, Mohammad Shamlan held talks on the project with the Japanese ambassador, Sana'a Masakazu Toshikage, at the weekend.


According to reports in the Yemen Times, the Minister welcomed the idea of the project and laid the way for helping the Japanese company to find investment in the scheme.


The Japanese ambassador is reported to have offered support for the Yemeni fishing sector.


A lack of experience, finance and investment has resulted in the slow growth of the aquaculture sector in Yemen, according to the FAO.


Many Yemeni investors are beginning to show interest in the shrimp sector and as a result are starting to identify areas suitable for shrimp culture, the FAO said. Japanese missions have been sent to Yemen to study the feasibility of shrimp farming as far back as 1977.

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