June 30, 2020


GI-OVO looking for US sales manager


Netherlands-based GI-OVO, which designs, creates and produces logistic solutions as well as packaging dedicated for the egg industry, is looking for a sales manager in the United States.


GI-OVO is looking for a sales manager based in the United States with a proven experience in the egg industry.For example: As a manager in a packing station or hatchery, egg seller, selling industry-affiliated machines or otherwise developing commercial talent in the egg industry.


The sales manager must live in the US.


The job responsibilities include:


  •       Being part of the Dutch GI-OVO team and reporting to the management of this company.
  •      Responsible for the promotion and sale of the EggsCargoSystem in the USA to egg packers, processors and hatcheries.
  •      Working with GI-OVO existing agents and draw up plans and forecasts.
  •       To be in close contact with GI-OVO's Ohio manufacturing facility to discuss pending orders and issues.
  •      Organise trade fairs and congresses and think along in the marketing policy.

GI-OVO is developer and producer of the EggsCargoSystem. The implementation of this system has enabled its global customers to automate the picking up and moving of stacks of egg trays on pallets. Many of its customers now work with robots and (de)palletisers, which allow for the EggsCargo pallets to be constructed and dismantled in a fully automated way.


For more information, visit https://GI-OVO.com/us-job/.