June 30, 2015


Peru's seafood and fishmeal exports fall in value and volume in April 2015



Peru has witnessed declining revenue and volume of its seafood exports in April this year, with drops of 43.7% and 41.7%, respectively.


The revenue for the month is US$103.5 million, compared to US$177.4 million of the same period last year. Volume stood at 53,100 tonnes, compared to 94,200 tonnes in 2014. 


These downward trends had been mainly attributed to lower sales of fishmeal and fish oil, according to the Ministry of Production (PRODUCE).


Fishmeal had also been hit by a slump when 9,400 tonnes were exported in April 2015. The volume is a significant 78% fall from last year which recorded 42,600 tonnes.


So it was the case for fishmeal's export value, a 71.4% slid from 2014, to US$18.1 million compared to US$63.2 million last year.  Meanwhile, fishmeal sales to markets outside Peru amounted to US$130.6 million in the first four months of 2015, 77.7% lesser than the same period in 2014.


China, Chile, Japan, Vietnam and South Korea are the chief markets for Peru's fishmeal.


During the first four months of this year, April's seafood exports were 273,100 tonnes within the overall volume of products bound for overseas markets. The volume is a drop of 59.9% from 681,000 tonnes seen in the same period last year. Likewise, the value of shipments dipped 50.8% to US$594.6 million, compared to US$1207.5 million in 2014.

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