June 29, 2021


Agrifirm to partner with agri-food tech startup accelerator



Agri-food tech startup accelerator StartLife will partner with Royal Agrifirm Group, Agrifirm announced on June 24.


The Wageningen University & Research (WUR) affiliated startup accelerator will support Agrifirm in engaging with its European startup ecosystem. The strategic and corporate partnership aims to further expand their networks and innovative solutions for a responsible and sustainable food chain for future generations.


"As Agrifirm, we have a longstanding intensive collaboration with WUR. In many domains of our R&D portfolio, the WUR centers of excellence are key in our progress. (Additionally, at) our research farm Laverdonk in Heeswijk-Dinther (the Netherlands), we team up with WUR" Johan De Schepper, chief information officer at Agrifirm, said.


"Participating actively in the StartLife start-up community is a logical and valuable next step in our relationship. Together with StartLife… we will explore opportunities (for collaboration) with innovative startups within the agrofood business that can accelerate our sustainable developments, such as biotechnology powered new applications in farms and fields. By combining the years of expertise of StartLife, its large ecosystem and our networks, we look forward in achieving high impact solutions."


StartLife considers Agrifirm a valuable addition to its pool of strategic partnerships with industry leaders.


"Their strong presence and specific know-how in the arable and livestock feed and their worldwide network offers startups great opportunities to test, enhance and scale their solutions," Caroline Bijkerk, corporate partnerships manager at StartLife, said.


"Being a cooperative that combines the strength of thousands of farmers and growers, Agrifirm understands the synergy of collaboration like no other. We are confident that they will embrace the innovative solutions that European food and agri startups have to offer to its members. After all, we are all better together."


- Agrifirm