June 29, 2021


Aviagen Kft welcomes Bosnia and Herzegovina customers to Ross 140 Club



Aviagen Kft customers based in Bosnia and Herzegovina have achieved impressive breeder performance scores ranging from 143.1 to 161.4 chicks per hen housed (at 60 weeks), Aviagen announced on June 24.


Early this month, Dejan Bosanac, Aviagen Kft's regional technical manager for Central and Eastern Europe, welcomed producers Madi doo and Brovis dd to the Ross 140 Club and present them with certificates.


The top scorer at 161.4 chicks per hen housed was Madi doo.


"I am very pleased to award these valued customers, and also glad to see improvement of almost 20 chicks/hen housed in a period of six years," said Bosanac. "These amazing scores are due to the genetic potential of the Ross 308 bird, together with the hard work and dedication of the teams, from rearing to the hatchery, supported by the feed mill and veterinary teams. We hope to see more customers from the region in the next year reaching these or better results."


Hazim Mujkic, Madi doo's director of production, added: "We're honored to become members of the exclusive the Ross 140 Club. Our good outcome required commitment and collaborative effort from our entire team, as well as a passion for obtaining the best health, welfare and performance of our birds. We look forward to working together toward similar or higher breeder scores in the future."


- Aviagen